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Discover the off-beaten paths of the Gaurishankar conservation area. 

Access photos and information regarding trekking, shrines, places to visit, and accommodation;

Provide everything you need, to plan your trip to the new popular tourist destination, Dolakha

Located in Central-East Nepal

Dolakha district lies west of the Solokhumbu region, north of Rammechaap, east of Sindhupalchok and south of the China/Tibet border. Some of the key places to visit are:​​

  • Charikot

  • Jiri 

  • Kalinchowk 

  • Gaurishankar Conservation Area

These areas are very accessible by road from Kathmandu, and offer a vast range of sites and landscapes, for local and international tourists to explore and visit.

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District Map

The region has two rivers running through it. The Tamakoshi river on the east and the Sun Koshi river on the west, both originating from the Nepal-Tibet border.

To the northeast lies the very impressive mountain range, Rolwaling Himal.  It includes the peak Melungtse (China) 7'023 metres and also Gauri Shankar (Nepal) at 7'181 metres which is also our spectacular cover photo above

Among this region of the himalayas lie also many lakes. One of the biggest glacier lakes in Nepal is the Tsho Rolpa located at an altitude of 4'580 metres.

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Places to visit



The Headquarters of Dolakha District. Charikot grew quickly from being just a small village to a town of colourful high buildings, even after over half were damaged in the 2nd earthquake in May 2015.

Located at 1’700m. the distance from Kathmandu is 135km and it can be reached in under 6 hours by jeep via the Arniko Highway, the road to Tibet. The road descends from Dhulikhel to the Sunkoshi, where you then turn east at the bridge in Kadichaur. The scenic views when climbing up to Kharidunga at 2,600m. are worth a stop to take photos of the splendid mountain views. 

Check the road conditions before going, there is a difficult section, for a small stretch before Mude. Small cars are not advised to drive.

Charikot is a hub for tourism with a large choice of hotels. Popular destinations like Kalinchowk, Sailung, Jiri, Tsho-Rolpa and Bhimeshwor Temple are an easy reach from there.



Jiri was set up as agricultural development centre by the Swiss Government Aid in 1938 and today is a popular destination for national tourists for day visits and photographing the scenic surroundings.

Hikes of just a few hours are possible on the small trails as so are long days of trekking of even a few weeks.

All early Everest expeditions used to have to pass through Jiri. This gave it's name the "Gateway to Mount Everest". Today fewer people who walk the EBC actually begin trekking from Jiri, however many other treks with stunning views of Mount Everest go through Jiri.

At an altitude of 1,905 metres, it can be reached in an 8 hour jeep ride starting from Kathmandu via Charikot, in total 186km.



Kalinchowk is a Village Development Committee, VDC, of Dolakha District. 

At an elevation of 3,790m, it receives thousands of pilgrimage and national tourists. 

From the pilgrimage site for Hindus (Kalinchowk Bhagwati), you can enjoy the splendid 360° view of mountains  Langtang Himal, Ganesh Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Jugal Himal, Gauri Shankar etc.

Kalinchowk can be reached from Charikot, a distance of 19km drive from Makaibari. It requires a jeep as most of the trail is still off-road and steep, and it takes roughly 1hour 20 minutes to the village of Khuri.
From Khuri you can pick between 2 options to reach the summit. 1) cablecar 2) by foot, about 1 hour walking 




The historical town of Dolakha is a part of the Dolakha district located in Province No. 3.

Home to a rich culture and tradition, Dolakha town is predominantly a Newar settlement. The Newari dialect from Dolakha is, however, different from that of Kathmandu.

Dolakha town is most famously known for the Bhimsen Temple.

The elevation is at 3’842m It is located around 4km from Charikot. The town can be reached via private transport or the local bus from both Charikot or Kathmandu.


Religious Sites


Kalinchowk Bhagwati


On the peak rests a shrine dedicated for the goddess Kali, also known as Kalinchowk Bhagwati, where the mountain also gets its name from. Pilgrimages often take place to this sight.

 Bhagwati Shrine

Dolakha Bhimsen


Dolakha, an old trading town is most famously known for the Bhimsen Temple which can be dated back to the 7th century. Bhimsen is known to be the Deity of traders and travelers. It is believed that when the statue `sweats`, perspiring on the left side, bad omens are brought upon the people. Whatever the case, Dolakha town has many local traditions to be seen.

Bhimsen Temple

Jiri - Jireshwor


In a cave surrounded by beautiful greenery and a stone path leading to it, you will find this worship site. Anyone can visit at any hour of the day and enjoy the peacefulness surrounded in nature. Romantic and picturesque, don't miss the small waterfall. The area is well maintained in terms of the cleanliness and beautiful flora.

Jireshwor Mahadev

Suspakshama-wati Gumba

Located 1km further from Deurali on the way to Kalinchowk, lies a nun Monastery which was rebuilt after the earthquake. It allows visitors and has a breathtaking view. The walk there from Charikot Bazaar is only 2 hours and mostly in the forest and on small hiking trails and steps. Another road by car is only a 10 minute drive from Makaibari.

Suspa Nunnery




Tsho Rolpa


Trek Highlight

Beautiful off-beaten trails, high altitude


Day 1 Charikot to Chettchet to Simigaun

Day 2 Simigaun to Dhongung
Day 3 Dhongung to Beding
Day 4 Beding to Tcho Rolpa to Na
Day 5-6 Return or visit Na and Yalung La
Day 6-7 Return in 2 or 3 nights

* Tea house accommodation



Trek Highlight

Along the river

Day 1 Charikot to Tamakoshi to NagDa

Day 2 NagDa campsite to Singati

Day 3 Singati to Charikot

** Tents Required



Trek Highlight

Each day varies from before

Day 1 Charikot to Kalinchowk

Day 2 Kalinchowk to Tingsang La

Day 3 Tingsang La to Bigu
Day 4 Bigu to Campsite
Day 5 Campsite to Singati to Charikot

** Tents Required



Trek Highlight

Sunrise with a 360° view

Day 1 Charikot to Khuri

Day 2 Khuri to Kalinchowk to Charikot

* Tea house accommodation



Trek Highlight
Pleasant temperatures all year

Day 1 Charikot to Tamakoshi to Nag Da

Day 2 Nag Ca campsite to Jiri

Day 3 Jiri to Charikot

** Tents Required



Trek Highlight

Nature surroundings

Day 1 Charikot to NagDa campsite

Day 2 Back to Charikot

** Tents Required


Located at the district headquarters, Charikot Panorama Resort is your home away from home with delicious, fresh home cooked meals and a breathtaking panoramic view.